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As the Aussie would say, there is heaps of apps out there mate! But worldtrekkers did their best and sorted out a few which will suit you very well while travelling.

Our choice consists of mountaineering, maps and navigation, currency exchange, food, accommodation, translation, weather and camera apps, which all make travelling a little easier and provide you with good support on your trips.

So here we go:


Kayak / TripAdvisor



Kayak aggregates and organizes online travel information from hundreds of online travel agencies and websites onto a single platform.

It includes flight and car search, hotel search and booking. A flight tracker and My Trips for managing your itinerary. Furthermore they provide you with a list of airports with the according terminal maps, plus shops and restaurants and where you find them. As this isn’t enough yet, you get a currency converter, packing list and countless Airline contacts (telephone and web)  on top. Kayak is a good all in one solution, clearly arranged and easy to handle. And above all it´s absolutely free!



TripAdvisor, which was spun off from Expedia in 2011, is Kayak’s biggest competitor. TripAdvisor is the largest travel information website in the world and features “More than 75 million travel reviews and opinions from travelers around the world.” source

More than 50 news contributions are posted every minute. This makes TripAdvisor´s review section, where users can rate and comment on hotels and restaurants, the biggest strength and differentiation on the market.

Kayak works together with TripAdvisor and therefore gets a lot of information of them. Which one is better is a tough question. If you are keen on the review thing and probably want to write your own reviews you should go for TripAdvisor, otherwise go for Kayak. Both of them are free, so you choose!



FlightTrack let´s you track flights in real – time and ships in three different versions. The free version, the live version for 3,99€ and the pro version for 7,99€.

Depending on how often you fly and what features you prefer, you have to make your choice. A table where you can compare the 3 Versions you find here.

Functions include:

  • Finding alternate flights
  • Search and add flights up to 11 months in advance
  • Use “Repeating Flight” function to track same flight daily
  • Sync flights with your phone’s calendar (iOS only)
  • Aircraft type
  • Flight delay forecast charts
  • Seating info from SeatGuru for most flights
  • Push alerts for flight updates
  • FAA airport delays & closures
  • Terminal maps for arriving and departing airports (iOS only)
  • Weather forecast for both arrival and departure airports

FlightTrack Pro offers complete international compatibility.


XE Currency


The currency converter from XE is simple and pretty useful. If you travel a lot and change countries frequently you always have to get used to a new currency. To make sure you get the right rates and prevent yourself from being fooled, just pick out your phone and have a look.

XE Currency refreshes live rates every minute, let´s you store last updated rates and converts prices offline, simultaneously displays up to 10 currencies and includes every world currency & precious metals.

For free!


CityMaps 2 go

This excellent organised app let´s you download city maps to use them offline and save you data connectivity at home or data roaming charges abroad. It locates your position via GPS and provides you with all the information you can think off from the place you are. Including accomodation, food, entertainment & arts, travel, architecture and buildings, shopping, nature, health, universities, orientation and wikipedia articles. It arranges the location on command after name or distance and displays them for you on the map.

Big plus is that the whole app works offline and with GPS. It covers maps for all US and UK countries, 100% coverage of France, Italy, Germany, and many many more countries.

Totally worth to spend mere 1,59€!



Spyglass is a impressive convenient augmented reality navigation system toolkit and contains amazing functions, like a sniper’s rangefinder, hi-tech viewfinder, milspec compass, gyrocompass, maps, GPS tracker, speedometer, sextant, gyro horizon, inclinometer, angular calculator and 5x zoom camera.

It let´s you tag and store locations which you can find later with the implemented navigation tools. You can navigate by Sun, Moon and Stars, or measure the heights of buildings, mountains and other objects as well as calculate distances from dimensions. Further information and the manual you´ll find here. A great app for every outdoorsman! Costs you 2,99€



Weather Pro/Accu Weather


Is there much to say about weather apps? They display the weather, right? Yes! But in an extraordinary dimension. Animated radar and satellite images, water temperatures, air pressure, uv-index, amount of precipitation, relative air-humidity, time of sunset and sunrise, 7 (expandable to 14) days weather forecast, facebook and twitter weather sharing with your friends and much more in WeatherPro, developed by Europes biggest weather service Meteo.  Get it for 2.99€!


Accu Weather, voted “Best iphone App” by 2012 Mobie Awards,  is free of charge and does almost the same as WeatherPro. Also animated radar and satellite images, humidity, sunrise and sunset time, uv, pressure, 15 day weather forecast and social sharing. It features also a health and lifestyle weather option which appears a bit silly and partly unnecessary. They could rather include a serious forecast about pollen for which The Meteo Group made a extra app called PollenPro.



Magic Seaweed


MSW should be a term for a lot of surfers already. The App for iphone is already 3 years on the market and gives detailed forecast information for wind, swell size and wave period.

This is what you get:

  • 7 Day forecast.
  • Live Spot-by-Spot Conditions and Tide Count Down (i.e. 2 hours to low tide).
  • Swell, Wind, Period and Pressure charts.
  • 7 Day Tide Curves.
  • Live Wave Buoy Data. Live Wind Station Data.
  • Live Eyeball Surf Reports.
  • MSW Editorial Features.
  • Favourite Spots.
  • Photo Gallery.
  • Surf Spot/Beach Local Business Directory.
  • Location specific forecasts
  • Eyeball surf reports
  • Local and world charts

Translations are available in Portuguese, German, Japanese and Spanish. no charge! FREE



Abvio / Ortovox / Ski Tracks

Abvio uses GPS to measure the distance of walks, hikes and cycle tours. You can challenge yourself and previous workouts, share your activities and see your results on maps, graphs, and a calendar. Get to know how much distance you’ve ridden by day, week, month, year, and overall. Abvio did 5 major updates in the past year. They are trying hard and the outcome is clear, easy to use and one of the best apps out there now.

Prices differ on the version. The Cyclemeter 3,99€, Run and Walkmeter 2,39€ each. Website this way.




Ortovox is the App for the Alps and comprehends a steady growing database for ski- snowboard- trekking and bike tours as well as Freeride runs or fixed rope routes. You can switch between a summer and winter option depending if you are out in December with skiing equipment or in July for mountain-biking.

In case of emergency a connection to the rescue center can be established while your current position shows on the display. Further options include a peak finder, snow heights, compass, avalanche report and glossary and much more.

doesn’t cost anything!



Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks has good ratings and works properly! It includes all you need to track your runs like distance, altitude, max. speed, duration and slope degrees. You can have a animated preview in Maps and 3D Google Earth, add photographs to your tracks and share in Facebook.

Works with GPS and costs 0.79€.



Vocre / Google Translate



Translating too easy! you could even have whole conversations with that thing. It´s fun to play with and seriously helps. A absolute must have for every traveller! All what you have to do is record or type your own phrases and let the machine do the translating and pronouncing for you.

Google Translate (free) features way more languages then Vocre (contains 23 languages), works almost the same way, but is less attractive in sound and interface. If you don´t like the adds with Vocre free you´ll have to get the premium version for 0,79€.



First Aid / Help Call

One of the heaviest apps (92.6 MB) found on first aid is Pocket First Aid & CPR provided by the American Heart Association and features 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations additionally to text description in a organized user Interface.

It provides step by step instructions for all kind of emergencies, saves a medical profile for yourself and your loved ones, costs 1.59€ and is good to refresh some first aid knowledge.

There is many alternatives out there and a lot of national red cross institutions provide a app of them, sometimes for free like the British Red Cross. The German DRK app, updated July 2012 costs a 0,79€.

None of the apps is meant to substitute for full CPR and first aid training. They are meant for usage by the general public.



Help Call


This app includes 126 countries and automatically uses the correct emergency numbers from your current country location. It has a shake for emergency function and comes in 5 languages / English, French, German, Spanish, Polish. Not the cheapest app for 2.39€ but if it saves a life it´s worth it!





By scrolling through images of dishes, you find whatever you’re craving & see what’s good at any restaurant nearby. Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it, let´s you keep track of the dishes you try and vote up the dishes you love. It was launched in 2010, and is the first and leading app for finding and rating dishes. Get it for free!


camera +

Set exposure separately from focus, use the stabilizer to steady your camera and get the sharpest pics you can! Camera+ has a 6× digital zoom, amazing effects and a clarity filter. First you make your shoots, then you rework them and save them to your camera roll or share them within you social networks per e-mail or creating a web link.

Over 8 million sold! Price is still cheap 0.79€.


LED light / Flashlight


Not so much to say about it! Simple and effective and a beautiful easy-to-use interface. LED light for iPhone with adjustable strobe light mode, SOS mode, hold down button for light mode, double tap to toggle screen on/odd and sleep timer.

Free but only for iPhone!



Air sharing


Air sharing you will use almost daily! sometimes even unconscious when you open e-mail attachments like excel data sheets or pdf´s. It is also great for storing and reading books in pdf format. It supports:

  • iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), subject to iOS compatibility
  • Web archives (web pages downloaded by Safari)
  • HTML web page
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) and RTFD (with embedded images)
  • Plain text (many file extensions) with auto-detection of character encoding
  • Source code (C/C++, Objective C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, XML, shell scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python, and more) with syntax color-coding
  • Movies, audio, and images (standard iOS formats)
  • PDF (even password-protected, with Search, table of contents, thumbnails, Go To Page


That´s it with the list. If you have anything amazing we haven’t mentioned just comment and let us know!


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