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Who we are?

That´s Us


Worldtrekkers is a community of travellers for travellers. With us you get reportings from people on site, the best deals for travel and equipment, and many awesome tips from our own experiences.

We were founded in 2011 by Jürgen Schneider and Florian Löffelad who have up to this point visited about 50 countries in Asia, Europe, South and Central America, Africa and Australia on extensive trips.

We are a collective of adventurers, photographers, journalists and authors, diving or snowboard instructors, leisure travelleres and many others. Together we share the common passion of travel, movement and the affinity for the love of life, nature, culture and diversity.
Travel is fun and changes the world view. As Goethe put it, "The best education for a clever person is found in travel." All this shall be expressed here. First hand experiences, articles, documentations and reportings in any format (video, photography, written word), tips, recommendations and best offers for travel and equipment.

Worldtrekkers are constantly growing and to increase our community, we are always looking for new writers, journalists and interesting people to share their travel experiences with us and our readers. If this is something you feel up to, get in touch!



What we do?

Travelling around in the first place. We are a community who shares their experiences, offer travel tips, recommendations and first hand information from best sources. We put together people situated all over the world who write articles and publish them with us.

In addition, we provide TRAVEL and GEAR DEALS which we filter out of a plethora of online-shops and travel-agencies with whom we work together. Our scope here is very broad. That means we supply everything which is connected to the equipment and travel industry and can be snorkel, fins and goggles, as well as snowboards, bindings, air-travel, hotels, outdoor-equipment and everything else you need.

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How you get involved?

Active participation

The mission of Worldtrekkers is reporting from different parts of the world and therefore we act as authors scattered across the globe. To actively take part you can register as an author, editor or contributor and leave your contact details and some info about yourself. After we checked your data we are going to talk a bit, you will get your account created and you can write and publish your own articles.

As an author you have the opportunity to publish posts, upload data and edit or delete existing articles.

Editors have expanded capabilities including publishing and editing articles, over and above the moderation of comments and to manage categories and links.

Contributors have the opportunity to write and create posts, edit and delete their them but not to publish. The articles or posts must first be checked by an author or a correspondingly higher position, like a administrator.

Mostly it takes place that we assign each registered person the right position which can change over time and develop naturally. Usually you start as a contributor and depending on how the cooperation between you and us is developing the position is upgraded to editor, author and in exceptional cases to administrator.

Should there still be questions about the whole procedure don´t hesitate to use our contact form and send us a message!



The visitor is our guest and the consumer of our articles and posts. He can also take an active part in the event and comment articles. The comments will be reviewed by us on their content and confirmed as long as everything is fine. Since we want to obtain a certain level of quality this is necessary and provides us as well as the visitor a better experience.

Furthermore the visitor has the choice from a variety of offers in travel and equipment. These offers are directly accessible through our provided links.